2 or 3 chicks?


14 Years
Mar 24, 2008
Salt Lake City / Sugarhood
I have a very small flock of 3 chickens, almost 9 months old - 2 BR and 1 Prod. Red. I had 4 until my EE died unexpectedly last week (heart attack?).

NOW this is not the time of year that it is easy to resist getting chicks.

Calculating carefully, I just have space in my coop for 5!

My question is this - I'd ideally like to add 2 chicks. However, if one of them should die, the solo remaining chick would get very lonely. So I am thinking about getting 3. Assuming everyone makes it until winter, I would need to rehome one or two before winter cooping-up.

Advice on 2 vs 3?

I really liked my EE. She had a nice personality, and I liked her green eggs. If I just get 2 chicks, I would do two EE. If 3 chicks, it will be 2 EE and 1 SLW.

The chicks can stay in a brooder and then the chicken tractor until they are big enough to be with the hens. The hens will have the winter coop and a run.

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