2 Partridge Silkie Roosters in need of new homes


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Mar 8, 2017
Hello! We have (2) 5 month old Partridge Silkie Roosters who we would like to re-home. They are lovely, friendly birds, very pretty colors! We do feel that our coop, with Serama Hen at the helm, would be much more peaceful with a reduced flock. We are hoping that the Serama will begin to lay again if there are less chickens in the coop. Because of active predators, we have a large, walk-in, run with coop/nesting boxes,in the center. The chickens do not free range. We put them out in their moveable coop daily all around the yard. We have grass and plants in the walk-in coop. There are several perches and interesting spots for them to dig and investigate. We have wrapped the whole thing in clear plastic, so the environment feels really comfortable. But we feel that the roosters just need a little more space. We have noticed that there is a lot of chasing, and chest bumping,esp in the early morning. We believe that the boys need more room and that the girls need more quiet time and space. With just 4 Hens in the coop, and the moveable coop, we feel that the atmosphere will settle out and all will be happier. We live in CT and will drive the Roosters to you if within 150mls. Maybe, meet half way?

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!


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Sep 11, 2018
Kansas USA
Glad you joined our flock! We are sure you'll love it here, so pull up a roost!

Maybe posting some pictures of the chooks will help people decide if they want them or not. You should also probably put the state that you live in so that way people will know how far away you are from them. Just some advice and good luck finding a home for them!

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