2 questions Fodder only meal or not? and growing food for chickens

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    OK I have been researching this a lot lately.... I am looking to have a way to not have to be tied to buying bagged food for chickens.
    I don't have my new chickens yet so I have time to get this figured out.

    can you grow fodder with all the nutrients in it to be the only thing i feed my chickens (besides grit/oyster shells). what would be the mix of seeds to do this?

    second Question I have room to grow food for chickens ( barley/wheat/ECT) what can I grow and how do I process it to feed it to chickens?

    with both questions is I am looking to be self sufficient ( minus buying seeds) to feed my chickens
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    Fodder alone will not supply enough calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to feed growing and producing chickens. It can be fed as a partial treat (a few ounces per hen per day). Remember that fodder is over 85% water so they have to eat over 1 2/3# to get enough calories (not even taking the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements into consideration). They physically can not eat that much.

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