2 questions One about feathers the Other about fish .

Camilla Chicken

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6 Years
Mar 19, 2013
I have 2 Khaki Campbell's ( 1 month 6days old) and I had 2 questions about them:

1: Their bellies are covered with new feathers. one have very dark feathers that are almost chocolate colored while the other one has a cappuccino coloring, is the darker one male?

2: we have a kiddo pool for them and we where wondering if we could put like guppies in there for them to catch (they would also eat the duck poo and clean there feet) and eat. in the large pond we have there are a ton of small fish (and in our small pond there are large ones XD). also we get snapping turtles from time to time would they be a problem?


6 Years
Feb 20, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
1. Not sure on the coloring. Mine are the same age and I can tell by size. Males are bigger.

2. You can totally put guppies in there. Just make sure when you do that it's clear enough for them to see them. I've been feeding fish to mine for weeks.

3. I think snapping turtles are dangerous, but that's just heresay. Others here may know better.

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