2 questions (rooster and EE laying)

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    I have two questions about my chickens. I received them as day old chicks in May. I got a Domnique Roo as a "free exotic chick" from the hatchery. He has been fine until recently (I assume since he is now reaching maturity). He has been coming after me and trying to flog me. He doesn't do it to my husband, just me. I literally have to beat him off with a stick and kick at him to get him to stop or he just keeps coming. The first time he did it because I was trying to "make friends" with him, and he didn't like me in his space. This time was unprovoked (as far as I could tell). I could live with this, but part of having this chickens is so that my DD can enjoy them. She is too young now, but I want her to be able to interact with the chickens without worrying she is going to get attacked by the Roo. My question is, will this behavior improve if I keep after him when he does it, or can I only expect it to get worse as he gets older? As it is, my husband is gleefully sharpening his butchering knife.

    Second question: My EEggers aren't laying. I have a light out for them. My Buff Orps and Barred Rocks are doing fine. I think one of my EEggers is molting, a few fluffy feathers are loose. Could that be why? It has been a few weeks. Really, it has been since we clipped their wings. They were the only two flying over our 6ft fence so we had to clip their wings (neighbor complaints). Why aren't they laying? I know they aren't because we were getting blue eggs, and now we aren't.

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    I think its pretty hard to get a mean rooster friendly again, and there are certainly plenty of friendly roos out there who need homes, he may be a stew pot candidate! But you could try carrying him around for a while to show him you're the boss, the stick is a good idea- definitely whack him if he attacks. Who knows, maybe once he realizes you are the tougher "chicken" he will back off.
    As far as the laying the EE's could be molting, they will stop laying during a molt. Good luck!
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    Get rid of the rooster! It's not worth the potential danger to your child. A so called "rehabilitated" rooster is still a rooster and can never be trusted. EE are not bred for production like your Orpingtons and Rocks. They generally don't lay as frequently, but produce throughout their lifetime.

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