2 roos and new chicks... How long before merging?


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Louisville Ky
I bought 5 roosters, hoping for pullets... I trades 3 for 4 chicks. Right now they are in small pens side by side. When should they be joined in the same coop. Also, we now have 2 mallard ducklings. Can ducks live with chickens in the same pen, or do I build a new one? Thanks in advanced. :D
It's safest to wait til they are all about the same size, but it could work now if they have been side by side for a while.
My roos are 10 & 8Gerry weeks.. The others are about a week old. I JUST put them side by side. I also have 2 mallard ducklings that refuse to have their own area. They panicked until I put them in with the chicks.

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