2 roos, what to do?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Maggies Pop, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Sep 23, 2009
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    So, it looks like Ellen DeHENeres and Cocobelle are both roosters [​IMG]. Ellen is a beautiful Ameracana about 20 wks and a crowing fool and Cocobelle is a huge Barred Rock about 16 wks. They have grown up together, in the brooder and in the yard together. So far we have had no issues with them. Now that we have 2 roos we are down to 9 hens. The oldest 4 hens being about 23 weeks, the youngest 16 wks.

    So, three questions:

    1--since both roos have grown up together and we have had no issues so far, do you think the chances of them both being together will be ok? Ellen is VERY gentle with us. You can hold him on his back, cradle like a baby and rub his belly. Cocobelle stays to himself when we are in the coop/yard, he isn't bothered by us. They hang out in the same areas, but don't ever seem to care if the other is around.

    2--we have been noticing Ellen being very aggressive with our 23 wk old BO. Is this just a mating thing? He seems to single her out--this is something new.

    3--since we are so attached to both roos, should we just get more hens to play it safe and not wait for a problem?

    We have never had roosters before, so this is a whole new ballgame for us! We are excited to have roos, as long as everything can remain nice [​IMG]

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    Quote:If you have the room i definitely recommend playing it safe and getting more hens, they say 10 hens per roo.
    just because there isn't a problem now, doesn't mean their won't be one when there hormones kick in.
    They could either hurt each other or start hurting the hens by overmating and plucking out their feathers.
    If you can't get more hens, then if theres ever a problem you would need to separate them.
    maybe put some hens with one roo in one pen and a few hens with the other roo in another pen? its up to you
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    Jul 25, 2011
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    I LOVE the names of your chickens!!!

    I have 2 roos from chicks. We had 4 roosters and gave 2 away. We kept the ones my children picked out. They are now over a year old, a barred rock and New Hampshire Red. They grew up together, never fought as youngsters, and are very tame around the kids (they are HUGE and get carried everywhere, pet, fussed over, etc.). I had 6 hens, down now to four. I am getting 6 more hens this week.

    This is what I have observed:
    -There is an alpha and beta. The alpha gets the best sunny spots, dirt baths, most of the hens, first at treats and water. The beta gets nothing until the alpha and the hens have had their fill. I toss him treats and food
    when nobody is looking.

    -They may have liked each other when they were babes, but now the alpha will chase and attack the beta, it seems without rhyme or reason but I'm sure there's a bird-brained explanation. He had bloodied his comb
    and pulled wing feathers out.

    -One of my hens is picked on by everyone. She gets mated by both. She has been torn up despite de-spurring, and I put 3 stitches in her last night. She is now separated from the flock at night, and the boys during the
    day. This causes her a lot of stress, as she thinks her job is to be mated, period. She is our favorite, and we really spoil her when we can, carry her around, scratch the unreachables, extra treats, etc.

    -All of the hens are over-mated. They have lost some feathers, 3 have bald spots. We desperately need more. I don't think 10 is enough for us, I think I have room for 14-16, we'll see this week. I will increase the flock until
    there is a balance between what can comfortably fit and what will work for the roos.

    I tell you this because although I'm sure you have a loving environment for your roos, nature and testosterone (Yup! Roos too!) are going to take over. If we didn't have the teary-child factor we would have given the alpha away already. He was the sweetest, totally type "B". Not now, sadly. The 2 hens we lost were NOT from the roosters, though. One was taken by a coyote, and one passed away from a vent tumor.

    Whatever you do, keep handling the roosters and hens! They need this on a daily basis, I have found, to maintain your control over the flock and their manageability with humans. I hope this helps!
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    Sep 27, 2010
    you either need to get rid of Beta roo, or get more hens...I have 16 hens, and 3 roos, soon to be 2 roos.

    My alpha does a great job watching the flock...but even though raised with roo #2, will attack to keep him away
    from his girls...roo #3, is always in trouble, and so he is going bye bye to a neighbor.

    Your girls will be abused if you keep 2 with 9 girls...I have seen hens with stripped backs, down to the skin
    because of this...its sad and gross! I don't want my gorgeous girls hurt this way.

    It looks very aggressive, but when the girl decides she wants the boy, its not nearly so
    bad looking...there is a bit of a dance, feather tipping, and then the plunge. My alpha spreads his wings out
    and envelopes the girls, quite pretty actually...no screaming or crying...

    Mine are 20 weeks btw...so get ready!
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    Thanks friends!

    You guys pretty much confirmed my thoughts. I hate the thought of getting rid of them because we are all so attached. Luckily we have the space, so more hens it will be. Now to have to put up with the finding of a new pecking order. It's just never easy, is it? [​IMG]

    So, we have 9 hens now, how many more would be safe to add. Unfortunately around here hens aren't that easy to find and when you do they tend to be $25.00+ per hen. So it can get pretty pricey. Would it be ok to add maybe 3 at a time over the next few weeks. Will this cause too much stress on the flock accepting so many new peeps into their world?
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  7. Maggies Pop

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    Sep 23, 2009
    Middletown (No CAL)
    Thanks John! Looks like we are in the same situation! Good luck to you!

    It's funny because our Ameracana's, Ellen DeHENeres and Meryl Peep are best, best friends. We know if we rehomed Ellen, Meryl would have to go too. They are companions and inseparable.
    Our barred rock roo, Cocobelle and our br hen, Mary Virginia are the same way. So if we get rid of one roo we will be losing a hen too! It's amazing how they have their "mate" and then their fun on the side [​IMG]

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