2 Roosters for Free-With Coops


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Oct 22, 2018
Arcadia, California
I have my 2 only remaining flock. 2 Roosters. Diller, The Silkie Rooster, who just had his mate Phyllis passed away 2 weeks ago. And Tuffy, unsure what type he is, but have had him since he was a baby. He is a gentle Giant. You can pick him up and pet him, he also lost his mate recently. Diller is very sweet, but cannot pick him up.
Diller's coop is included. It's a perfect size for him and hopefully some one will get him another silkie girlfriend.
Tuffy's Coop is bigger, would have to be dismantled and rebuilt. There is fencing also, and tarps and such.
The Neighbor was supposed to take them, but he has not come by, nor has he made any attempts to take them.
I recently moved out of state, and it's been stressful trying to find them homes.
My Father in Law has been feeding them and letting them in and out. But it's hard on him.
My Niece in Law is in town for the week, so she can help out.
I do not want them to be killed, I just want them to find a Happy New Home.
I need to find them a home asap. They cannot be together in the same yard. They used to, but then started fighting each other, so I separated them.
All for Free. But only to some one that will Love them, Not Kill Them.
They are in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.


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