2 sets of eggs coming at different times?


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
Ok I ordered some eggs from MPC and they are due the week of the 13th. I also won an auction thru BYC and I'm unsure yet when the eggs will be arriving. My question is, what if they are a week or two apart? Will I need 2 incubators? I'm buying one as soon as I find out when the first batch will be coming. Do I also need to buy a light for candling? I thought I read a mag lite flashlight was good, which I do have. I'm nervous I'm going to mess this up, still reading other threads too but thought I'd ask this ? While it was fresh in memory. :)
My last set of eggs my girl had been sitting for over a week. Some sneaky hen contributed to the clutch. She continued to sit for weeks after they started hatching. One hatched almost three weeks after the others. My guess is it depends on the hen.
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I wish I had a broody to hatch them, I'm using an incubator. The only one of my girls who has ever gone broody (BO/Wyandotte cross) did it when she had worms. I gave them my cure for worms and she quit, I could really use a broody now too lol. If I can get it to work I will post a pic of my incubator, I just bought it. :)

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