2 story nest boxes - help please?


Chickens Ate My Brain
9 Years
Sep 9, 2010
I would like to have a design for a set of 2 story nest boxes which I can collect eggs from outside of the coop (so Grannie can collect the eggs in the morning without having to go inside the coop). I've found SEVERAL designs for a row of next boxes, but I need at least 15 boxes and would like for them to be on one wall. Maybe 2 feet off the ground, 18 x 18 in size, and 8 on "1st floor" and 8 on "2nd floor." Is this possible? Has anyone else done this? I know I would raise the roof on the from the outside to collect the eggs from the "1st floor," but how would I collect the eggs from the "2nd floor" ?? Thoughts?? Is this a bad idea? Is it possible?? Feedback PLEEEEAAAASE??????

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