2-week EE Chick with Constantly Full Crop

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    Dec 29, 2014
    I'm not sure if I should be worried about my two-week-old Easter Egger chick. Her crop always seems to be fuller than the other chicks'. It's never hard (always squishy), but I never find her without a full crop. That said, I hardly ever see her doing anything but eating and sleeping, and she's always up eating before I check on them in the mornings, so I don't know when I could expect her crop to be empty. So I don't know if it's always full because she's a piglet disguised as a chicken or because something is wrong.

    Her muff feathers are usually a little damp, but I've never seen anything seeping out of her mouth. I'm wondering if her muff feathers might be getting wet when she drinks. I've also caught a couple of the other chicks (a Light Brahma and a Speckled Sussex) fiddling with her muff feathers, so I'm not sure if they're fiddling because the muff feathers are different (I only have one EE chick), if they're fiddling because the feathers are wet, or if the feathers are wet because they're fiddling.

    The EE never eats out of the feeder, but spills the feed and eats it off the brooder floor. So I would worry that she's been eating bedding. But last week, when I finally decided that she wasn't going to change her habits, I cleared the space around the feeder so there aren't really any pine shavings there. So any accidentally ingested bedding would have had to be there for a week.

    Is there anything I can do to help her in case there is some sort of crop issue? Will giving her crop remedies mess with her system if there isn't actually a problem? This is my first time raising chickens, so I just don't know what normal is yet.

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