2 week old Chick, not growing, bent neck and cross beak


9 Years
May 13, 2013
I have a seeet baby chick that is 2 weeks old. She isn't growing, has a hard time walking and has a severe s shape in her neck. She just wants to sleep and hide under her sisters.
She can't perch but has a good appetite when she sees her food. I have her in liquid vitamins with addition vitamin e and selenium. Is there anything else I can do for her. Will she grow out of this? Any thoughts and experience would be so wonderful! The kids and I love her and call special Kate. :)
Here are a few pictures of her with one of her sisters that was born the same day she was.


Welcome! Your little chick is not looking good at all, and if she can't eat without lots of assistance, it's time to say goodby. Cross beaked chicks need a very deep food dish with mash or crumbles because they can't eat normally. What's the mill date on your chick feed? It needs to be fresh, not older than one month, or some vitamins are being lost. Sadly, not every chick will survive, for many reasons that can't be fixed, and she looks miserable. Mary
Mary, thank you so much for your reply! Do you think what she has may be genetics or could it be s cobination of things? I've seen other posts were some of the other chicks grow out of things. Is this wishful thinking for her? Not sure where to find the mil date. It's Nature Wise medicated 18% crumble
Welcome to BYC!

Oh, im very sorry. I would let the chick go--- she's not going to live a very happy life, it looks like a genetic defect or something similar. Usually, I like to give every animal a fighting chance, but for the chick, that just looks miserable, uncomfortable and painful.

I really don't know what other advice to offer, but good luck.


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