2 week old chick suddenly not able to stand


8 Years
May 24, 2011
my sweet 2 week golden laced wyandotte is suddenly not able to stand. she tries to get up then just topples over like she has lost her balance. she's eating and drinking (which is a bit challenging with the other chicks walking all over her). she also seems alert

she's laying on my chest at the moment, because i'm afraid to put her back in the brooder wiith her mates.

i have no idea how to help her. can anyone give me some advice?
Have you tried any poly-vi-sol(w/o iron). Maybe she has a vitamin deficiency. If the other chicks are stepping (and pooping
) on her, I would set her up in a temporary brooder. Maybe even put a calm, friendly chick in with her so she has company. All I can really recommend now is to give her the poly drops, separate and keep an eye on her for other symptoms. Good luck.
Thank you Nikki.
I have her set up in a separate brooder now and she seems content.
How much and how often should I giver her the poly-vi-sol?

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