2 Week old chick with a bum leg


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Apr 3, 2014
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Hi, my BO chick is two weeks old. She was fine as of yesterday walking eating and drinking. Then when I looked at the chicks before bed, she was laying with her wings out, I thought maybe she was just really tired. This morning she was still doing the same thing, I picked her up and then noticed she wasn't using one of her legs and was using her wing out to compensate. I pulled her out of the brooder and feed her by hand and gave her some water. When I put her back in, some of the other chicks pecked at her so I divided them. I read this is maybe a vitamin deficiency? I have baby vitamins, but they have Iron in them and what I read said no Iron, does anyone know why? Will it hurt to give it to her, is it toxic? Any other advice? She is much smaller than the rest of the chicks, Im just not sure she will make it.
Some chick vitamins such as Poultry Nutridrench contain trace amounts of iron, but most poultry vitamins do not. Durvet makes a widely used vitamin/electrolyte mix, Avian Super Pack is good, and Rooster Booster also makes one, and most are $5-8. A multiple B complex tablet can be added to the chicks feed or water if you have any. Here's a link for one of the poultry vitamins: http://www.jefferspet.com/product.asp?pn=AB-P1&green=EED26AF0-B0C0-5368-07B2-89C5032F6C47

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