2 week old chicks not eating the long grains in in the starter feed


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Sep 24, 2013
i asked this question in my intro. the chicks are eating everything else just leaving the wheat. it's organic starter so pretty pricey, hate to throw it out. they are not getting grit yet ,would that help? any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. we're new to this and can use all the help we can get. thanks again, gages gramps
If chicks are getting pretty much anything besides commercial starter crumbles, they need to have grit. If you are feeding a starter feed with some whole grains, it may very well already have grit in it, it should say on the label. Are you sure you are feeding a chick starter food? Large whole grains are rather odd in a chick feed for two week olds. Chickens usually like wheat/oats but at two weeks it may be too big for them to eat whole easily. You could try putting the grain in a blender etc to chop it up a little, or soaking it, or sprouting it, instead of throwing it out.
thanks for everyones input.i was saving the "leftovers" in the fridge till it was worthwhile to grind up. 2 days later they started eating everything.
thanks again, gages gramps

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