2 week old chicks pulling feathers out of 8 week olds back


May 12, 2015
Hi, I'm new to all this, but I have six 8 week olds living in my coop, and seven 2 week olds and one 8 week old living in a very large dog crate in my kitchen. The one 8 week old in my house was being bullied by the other older pullets in the coop so I brought her inside and she was very gentle with the little guys. She doesn't peck at them, and lets them sleep with her at night. The problem is some of my little guys have begun picking at her back feathers when shes sleeping and now shes practically bald although there is no bleeding. She doesn't seem upset at the little guys, and doesn't correct there behavior. Is this normal, what should I do for this poor girl? I thought she would be able to stand her own with these little guys since she couldn't make it with the big ones.

She is a Faverolle the little chicks are
1 cochin (doesn't peck at her)
1 black sex link (doesn't peck at her)
1 welsummer (pecks often and hard)
1 cuckoo maran (only pecks occasionally but goes after her)
3 easter eggers (peck often but gently)

the big girls in the coop
2 silkies (didn't peck)
1 rhode island red (didn't peck)
1 australorp (didn't peck)
2 golden comets (viscous attack and cornered her keeping her from food and water)

I'm also worried about integrating everyone into the one coop when the little guys are big enough because my comets are so mean! Is my poor faverolle destined to always be tormented?
It can also be nutritional.
I had some cannibalism last year when I cut back on protein too early. It started with feather picking. They were free ranging so not crowded.
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I think the crates rather large its big enough for me to lay in and I'm 5ft 2. as for feed they are on a chick starter, not sure on percentage of protein as I emptied the bag into a bin in my barn to keep rats out. I did notice last night that the faverolle was picking at the feathers on her wings and I heard some being ripped out so perhaps the damage is mostly self inflicted and the little guys are just picking at her bald back out of curiosity? how can I keep her from picking her own feathers?

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