2 week old duck nipping at new ducks and goslings


9 Years
Dec 7, 2010
My Swedish/Rouen X is 2 weeks old and has been raised solo up to today. I just got the rest of my flock today and put them all together. Daisy is nipping at all of them (including the goslings). I see she has nipped a bit of feathers off my Tufted Buff's (I named it Tuff-T) wing (not very nice Daisy!!). So I put Daisy in a seperate box.

How long until they can all be together? I am just wondering how I can do this properly?

We had this issue too, though it was 3 Pekins and 3 Mallards that were about 1.5 weeks when the 2 new ducklings came. I tried at first, as it went super easy with the chicks! But the older ducks were just too big for the little ones. I would put the new ones (I think they are Khaki Campbells), in with the older ones every few days, even if just for two minutes. Then when the KC's where about 2 weeks old I put them with the other ones while I was cleaning the duck area, there was a little pushing, but none of the 'whole new baby duck head in older Pekin mouth"!. I watched for about 30 minutes and it was fine. They did get a little bit pushy, but by the next day all was fine, no injuries.

Give it a few days, and try again.

We had this problem too. It took about 2 weeks and was a process. At first we gave them about a 30 minutes together a day- but that didn't seem to stop it. Then we penned them together, but but a wire gate between them so they could see each other, get used to each other but not harm each other. That is what did it. They were together 24/7 but with a gate between them for over a week, then when we removed the gate, they were fine.

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