2 week old Easter egged chick that has a strange neck and walks unsteadily and tail feathers is come

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    I have a 2 week old Easter egged chick that has been vaccinated for mareks who is walking unsteadily. Her neck is bent strangely up and to the side like she is always trying to see what is above her. She drinks water funny because of it and I have seen her fall over trying to drink. She is pretty unsteady on her feet but can walk and stand. All of her tail feathers were gone when I got her 4 days ago. Her neck was getting more pronounced yesterday. I just checked and it seems like feathers are coming back in to the tail region. I'm worried about the neck most of all because she seems to not be able to drink as well as the others because of it. I have started fermented feed today so hopefully that will help her she has previously been on dampened chick starter and ACV added to her water. Any thoughts? Does she have crook neck? It seems some crook neck is down low between the legs and this is definitely not low but instead it is like the head is to the side and angle so she is looking up.

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    It sounds like she has either wry neck, a vitamin deficiency, or she is star-gazing. Vitamins will help all of these problems. Get some polyvisol infant vitamins, and give her a couple drops of them each day. Make sure that she continues to get something to drink, and that she is eating. Maybe try giving her some soft food like moistened chick feed, yogurt, and applesauce to make sure that she's eating enough.

    Hope this helps!

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