2 week old Keets alert me...snake

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Foghorn Mike, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Jun 21, 2009
    I went down to the coop to check on my 10 two week old keets and something wasn't right. They are usually running all around pecking at something, but this time they were in their "escape" corner being very quite. Not making a sound and looking at the metal trash can I have in the corner that holds their food. On top of that I have a black trash bag with fresh shavings in it. Behind the trash can I have packed hay in the corner so they can't get back there. I looked over there and didn't see anything, but they were still looking. Then I hear that black trash bag on top of the can make noise. I knew something was there but didn't know what. I moved the trash bag a little and saw something black flop into that hay. It was pretty dark in there but I knew that was a snake. Now im in a coop with 10 keets a snake and nothing to fight him with. I run 100 yards back to the house, its 95 degrees out there mind you, get my "special" shotgun, it has a light mounted on it, and run back. Shine the light on him, he pokes his head up, "boom" no more snake. I look at the keets, they look at me and go back to pecking and peeping. Your welcome..lol. Turns out it was a 5 foot rat snake. I wouldn't normally kill them but... So after I fix the fist size hole I blew out in the back of the coop (woops) I found a small hole in the corner, the size of a quarter. I fixed that and searched the rest of the coop filling anything I could see with foam insulation then covering it. A snake can't get through that foam and it works pretty good. Also put lime around the outside of the coop. If it hadn't been for those keets acting strange, I would have never known.

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    When you think about Guineas and how the oddest things have them making their displeasure known the sound of a gun is not one of them. If mine hear my gun go off they come running to see what's up. You're troops got an early lesson in what to come running for.

    You've also provided a good example of what happens when the human is attuned to the body language of birds. Had you not paid attention things could have been a lot worse than the oops in the wall of the coop. Good shootin' by the way.
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    LOL! My guineas and chickens do the same thing...even if we're just target practicing, they are right there behind us...watching and chattering away. Now, if there is a dangerous predator and they see me with the gun, they ALL come running and get behind me, then, when the predator is taken care of, they run over and look and chatter some more. They are funny funny birds!

    I had to rescue a baby hognose from my guineas this spring. [​IMG] They were all standing around discussing what they were going to do with it, and I came over and snatched it up. They were satisfied and went on about their business.

    They are wonderful watch dogs! I [​IMG] my guineas!!!

    Glad they told you about it before it ate one of them!

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