2 week old think's she is a momma. Possible?


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Feb 15, 2010
Recently my Blue Marans passed and I have had a black silkie in quarantine. I finally put the silkie in with my leghorn (who is 2 weeks) and the silkie and leghorn act like momma and chick. My silkie will force her way under the leghorn and the leghorn will slowly nest over her. It's the cutest thing my wife and I have seen. Is this normal behavior for a few days old and 2 week old chick?
I'd say it's very normal. If the leghorn allows it and takes the adoptive roll with stride I see no issue with it.
I only think it would be weird after six weeks or so. Till then they are still very "MOOMMMMMMYYYY"-ish.
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I had a peep that was 3 weeks adopt about 14 day olds. It is truly a sight to see!! I think it's sweet that they're such good mommy wannabes

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