2 weeks old no new feathers


Aug 1, 2014
Appling, GA
IMG_20180331_100139596.jpg IMG_20180331_124412505.jpg IMG_20180331_123147387.jpg 2 weeks ago I bought 6 chicks at tractor supply. Varying ages and breeds. I have 2 Australorps (pullets), 1leghorn pullet, one unknown yellow pullet, and 1 Rhode island red straight run, and 1 unknown black straight run.
They all have beautiful wings and pin feathers some are starting to get body feathers and the little unknown black chick is much smaller and still has only a few tiny feathers on it's wings.
It is otherwise healthy and active.
Any suggestions? Maybe this is normal for whatever breed it is or a slower developing roo?
Any breed identification is also welcome

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