2 year old hen - ground meat?


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Nov 24, 2008
Mesa, AZ
I have some 2 year old hens that I want to process. I know the meat will be tough, but though I would run the
meat through my grinder and make chicken burgers. I'm guess it won't make a difference if the meat is tough, since
it's going through a grinder. Am I assuming correctly? Has anyone done this?

It is not tough if you cook it in the crock pot or simmer it slowly on the top of the stove,
I plan on cooking most in the crock, and grinding a few. But since the ground ones won't be slow cooked, will it still be tough?
We grind the tougher cuts of deer that we butcher, it works great. No reason it wouldn't work as well on chicken.
I've ground home-raised turkey, too. I like to make patties, dip in flour, and fry with a little salt and pepper. I plan to try that with some of my chickens, too.

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