20 chicks gone, could it be a hawk?

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  1. They got let out at 3:00 pm when we got back from church, then we left again at 6:00pm. While on our way out, we caught a glimpse of a hawk, we think it was carrying a chick, something white and fluffy. :(
    Got back at dark tonight, chickens had put themselves away, but i noticed that most of the little chicks were gone, they weren't outside, as we checked this morning. Could a hawk have taken 20 chicks in a few hour period?
    When do they strike? At night or in morning or all day?
    Will he be back?
    Should i shoot him? or at least at him?
    crud, i hear a hawk, brb.
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    Doesn't seem likely that a hawk would take 20 chicks in one afternoon. Maybe a few, but you should take precautions to protect your fowl. Don't shoot the hawks. Big fine. Much cheaper to predator proof your flock. Shooting at him will only make him smarter. Yes, whatever got your chicks will be back. Predators usually rest a day or two after a big meal, then return for more chicken dinner...........Pop
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    Mar 28, 2011
    I'm very sorry for the big loss of your chickens.

    Are they in a run or free to roam? If they are free to roam it could of been a dog, fox, coyote. It could of been a hawk. We have several hawks here and more then one species. I see and hear hawks daily. I bring them in the run that's fully secured, roof and welded wire on the side as soon as they circle my flock when free ranging.
  4. Thank you guys :)
    @lollipop- maybe it was a different predator then, bc there are a lot gone. AT LEAST 15, if not more. Why would there be a fine for shooting a hawk? Besides, i would rather have my chickens happy and free ranging, ALIVE, and have to pay a big fine. These girls are my life.
    @Nicole- They have no run, they free range. There were no feathers anywhere, do these predators usually leave feathers?
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    Dec 16, 2011

    "Endangered or threatened species" are protected by the Federal government. A conviction can result in a fine, imprisonment and if a felony the forever lost of legal gun ownership.
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    Feb 8, 2012
    Raptors are tightly protected by the Federal Govt...why not protect your birds rather than assuming that even if hawks won't get them, something else might not??? And as has been said it would be pretty unlikely for a hawk to take 15 or more chicks like that....
  7. [​IMG]Goodness, there aren't endangered in this area, they are EVERYWHERE!![​IMG]

    @aschenfire- but if it wasn't a hawk, then what would it be? Do hawks leave feathers behind? There were no traces of anything being there except for them all being gone and my dad seeing one fly off with a chick. What other predator would fly off with only the little guys that are 6 weeks old? Some others are 10 weeks, and the others are 1-2 years old.. but no big ones were taken..
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    Feb 8, 2012
    I'm not sure, but unless you have tons of hawks, I just cannot imagine it would be a hawk. Even a pair feeding chicks wouldn't take that many chicklets I don't think. Have you noticed dogs or anything around? It is *possible* I suppose, but I'd not think *probable*. Hopefully you will figure out who is robbing your flock. If they are free ranging it could be any number of things. Lots of critters like to eat chicken. (Are you sure it's not a human predator? Chicks just *gone* with no trace while you were away is pretty odd)

    I also have read that when raptors strike, they normally leave a ring of feathers on the ground. But if the chick were light enough, they might be able to just scoop them up without leaving a trace... Gah. You need the Scooby Doo team!
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  9. We have coyotes, wild dogs, foxes, and we saw a bobcat once *shudders* but we are pretty sure it was not them... We are positive it wasn't a human predator, we live in the middle of nowhere, plus, who would take the little guys and not the big ones??
  10. Aschenfire

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Double gah. I suppose it might be a pair of hawks, just be vigilant if you really suspect that. Sounds like you have a ton of thingsthatlike chicken out there. Poor babies...shame you lost that many of them at once.

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