20 HENS and no eggs in over 3 months


10 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Is anyone else having or ever had this problem? I have austrolorps, giants, deleware that are 91/2 months old, R.I.R., polish, white rock, E.E.s that are about 1 year old, and mixed breeds that are 1 1/2 years old! Now my husband says it doesn't make sense to pay 80.00 a month and get no eggs to eat or sell, so he wans to send ALL of them to freezer camp, I do eat my chickens but I want to keep the ones I have, so if anyone knows of a magic potion to get them going please let me know, or if you have had or do have this problem you can vent here so I know im not the only person on the planet who has a collection of broken chickens LOL!!!!! Thank you!
also no egg eaters I left 2 duck eggs in there for 2 days and they were untouched, they do free range but they don't go far from the coop and im out there with them when they are out so they aren't hiding them anywere!
Are they eating enough calcium/ vitamins, has there been a trauma like an incident with a dog or fox, has it been very cold or hot or windy? There are other causes for hens nota laying but a went with the most like under the circumstances
I do live in florida but it has cooled of for the last few weeks, layer feed and oyster shell free choice, clean water all the time and poultry vitamins. they get veggies and some meat!
nope they don't squat for me but they do for the roo! Only 1 of my hens sing the song but no eggs! No secret nests anywere or my golden retriever would bring them to me LOL!!
no I had 1 hen that hid nests last year and my dog would find it everyday and bring it to me, we didn't train him to he just knows they go in the house!!! We have been testing him and hiding duck eggs, as that's all I get now and he finds them and brings them to me 1 by 1!

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