2011 -- I want geese.


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Right now, I've got chickens, ducks, turkeys, and two kinds of quail, as well as diamond doves and ringneck doves inside.

So, I guess I just don't have enough birds!

I really would like to have a goose or maybe a pair of geese, but just one or two due to space/property size/neighborhood.

And, I would definitely like to hatch my own. I've seen listings for small quantities of eggs for sale, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Anyone have any thoughts about what would be a good breed just to have as a pet? -- ideally, smaller sized and relatively quiet and good-natured.

My neighbors up the road got some Toulouse geese from Cackle last year, and they're really sweet! They had them free ranging in their yard, and they never attacked anybody, including their two year old and four year old boys. They love being around humans too. I don't know how they compare size-wise to other breeds though...
One of the breeds that are small, very friendly, and one I would highly recommend is the Roman Tufted. They're nice birds, on the endangered list or critical list and I really like them. I just think they're great.

I have a female right now and I was supposed to go last week and pick up a pair and I got sick but I plan on going to pick up a pair of them soon. Good luck!


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