2014 Hatch Peafowl


7 Years
Nov 23, 2012
I have some 2014 hatch peafowl left that I need to sell. The peachicks are all healthy and friendly. I will sell them to good and approved homes.

-White out of midnight silver pied peafowl (looks like a male)
-White out of charcoal white eye peacock (looks like a hen)
-High percentage spalding peahen
-India Blue White Eye split charcoal peahen (she is also possibly dark pied or carrying it)
-India Blue Blackshoulder split charcoal peahen (she has a white throat patch so she is carrying white, pied or white eye)
-Bronze Spalding split white peacock (he has a slight kink in one outer toe)

Please PM me for the prices of the ones you are interested in. They range from $100-$200 each. I will do group deals. If you would like to buy in trios then I recommend purchasing the first three as a group, or the last three as a group, as that is who they are kept with/free ranged with. The pictures are of the actual birds for sale. Contact me if there are any other colors you are interested in as I may sell more or know who to refer you to.
Thanks for looking

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