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Jul 5, 2015
Meeteetse, WY
We have a neighbor who is too lazy to clean their stalls and feedlot... so not only do they stink, but this spring, brings the absolute worst fly infestation I have ever seen. I called the county on them, but that accomplished nothing. So...

Problem Number One - Killing flies. We pasture-raise turkeys and chickens, so flies are never a problem for us. The droppings are deposited over a wide area and our dry climate turns them to powder within a day or two. However, with the Clampetts next door, we are having to deal with the fly problem. We've used the 'RESCUE' fly traps in the past, but they seemed to have changed the bait formula so that it just isn't as effective. We placed a fair number of their JUMBO fly traps https://www.rescue.com/products/traps/big-bag-fly-trap/ around the property and tossed in a large raw shrimp in each bag. Success was instantaneous.

Problem Number Two - Lousy neighbors. The Clampetts (As we call them) have turned their property into a rural junkyard... old barrels, machinery, piles of manure, etc.. The county has no spine to deal with them, so I'm looking at various means to educate them on the meaning of "good neighbor". Yes, we have tried the direct approach, to no avail. "Nobody is gonna tell us what to do with OUR proppity."

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