21 days and no pipping, chirping or movement


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Oct 19, 2018
Hi its day 21 and no pipping or sound or movement. I'm using a janoel 12 incubator.On the 13th day the power went out for 5 hours(because of hurricane Micheal). there are 3 eggs (rode island red and Americana) What should i do? Please help!

21 days is just a guide. Some can hatch a little later or a little earlier.

Did things look to be developing ok when you have candled the eggs during incubation?

Have your temps & humidity been ok during incubation?

Have you used separate known to be correct thermometer & hygrometer to make sure the incubator is running correctly?
Thanks. The americana eggs are a little harder to see but i saw darkness so i think there is two. Also on day 17 i saw one moving around. The meters seem accurate.
A power outage could have caused a slight delay so try not to worry.

Did you count the day you set them as day 1 or day 1 after a full 24 hours of incubation?

Have you got your humidity up to at least 65%?
Used cooling for an hour a day for the first time and was surprised to find the chicks are late to hatch. Patience.

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