21 weeks old! Looking for some eggs!


6 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
The April 29 hatched chicks are now 21 weeks old. We have several breeds, all new to us. For two days we’ve gotten a very small brown egg...am guessing that may have been from a RC-RIR. We have 3 Copper Marans (blue and black), and we are waiting to see how dark their eggs are. We have Salmon Faverolle, Redcap, Kreinkoppe, Chantecler, Legbar, and GLW. Hoping for some nice eggs in the near future!
Out of my 5 pullets that hatched April 16th, only one is laying right now. Two look ready, and 1 of those is squatting reliably now, so hopefully they’ll get going soon. The last two don’t look like they’ll be laying anytime soon. :barnie I’ve never had a whole group take this long to come into lay. Even my first group of chickens, which were hatched in August, were all laying reliably by 22 weeks.

In a couple of months, I’ll have more eggs than I can possibly use. Right now I’m impatiently watching and waiting.
Waiting for eggs is like waiting for babies to be born. You know they should arrive but they didn’t get the memo. Of my six pullets born in mid-February, five are laying consistently. Ruthie, my Brown Leghorn, has yet to lay an egg. Poor thing is at the very bottom of the pecking order and spends a lot of time alone. She is my only white Egger so it will be a happy day when I enter the coop and find hers among the brown eggs. Patience is not one of my stronger traits.
add in Chickens like to make ya think ya lost it just for their humor, each hen will start laying when she is ready, and some breeds are later layers so ya never know unless you are crossing for production that tend to lay sooner
My 23 week old Easter Egger surprised me with her first egg yesterday...and it's OLIVE! :wee

She was not one of the ones who looked or acted like she was close to laying. Chickens are funny creatures. Still waiting on her Speckled Sussex, Delaware, and Salmon Faverolles brood-mates to get with the program, though I suspect the Faverolles will be well behind the others. They turn 24 weeks old this coming Tuesday. The Delaware has a comb that could easily rival many mature roosters, and the SS has been squatting for weeks now...

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