21st Century Incubator in development. Need feedback/volunteers!


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I am very new to incubation, however I am very experienced in IT and electronics. After searching around for an incubator it was I either make one with a light bulb and a water heater thermostat, or I buy a commercial one for hundreds of dollars. The commercial ones I was not impressed with, using a heating element that looks like it should be in an oven and the old tried and true therm disc as a stat. I set out to build a state of the art incubator. What I had in mind was one that did not use a bulb or element for heat, but used circuitry instead. Had a built in thermometer with lead for the wiggler, a turner, and some other fancy gadgets like an LCD that showed count down to hatch, or time until next turn. I have seen some that are built with wires running every which way, running both AC and DC for fans and bulbs.

I am a gadget guy, I admit it, it's a weakness. But I bet I will have the most technologically advanced incubator ever home made. Dunno if i will be able to make the contest though. I certainly will the next time around. I am just finishing the timing circuit now. Mine will actually turn once every four hours rather than run constantly at a low speed.

Once I am done I would like for a couple of honest folks in here that would be willing to test it out and give me some feedback. I would ask for someone that is willing to set and hatch eggs once receiving it, post progress w/pictures on the board and have experience hatching 12 chicks or more. In exchange, you can keep the incubator I send you. These will be prototypes and I expect to be completed in the next couple weeks. ANy takers?

Happy hatching!!
New Egg: I will test your incubator and be happy to provide feedback and editorial comments. I will have LF and bantam eggs to use for testing. If I can be of assistance to you let me know.
I would be willing to test for you as well
Thanks for the prompt replies. I am in the midst of a complete house remodel, so my time is scarce. I want to have this done in the next couple of weeks. I am using a local company that had already come up with the heating circuitry as well as the integrated (fully adjustable of course) thermostat. So this one small board would replace the light bulb as well as the hot water heater thermostat that most people use. This is adequate for up to about 40 eggs. Also, it has two additional outputs. One will be for a 12v pc fan. The other will be for an additional heater if ever needed for expansion. Here is a sneak peek of the future:


To compliment this, I am combating the homemade turner issue that a lot of people seem to be having. The troubles they are having mostly is trying to handle the speed of the small motors. They try to regulate voltage in order to slow them down. Problem with that is you lose torque. I am buildling a timing circuit that will run the motor for an adjustable time period, say 5 seconds, then turn off. This will repeat every eight hours (3 x's per day). Once this is done, I will assemble and calibrate. I am really excited about it.

I will follow this thread and when I am ready to ship i will pick two of the responders. Please, the purpose of sending my work and investment out is so that people will set eggs, candle, and follow the progress of the hatch online and give feedback of the product. In any event, you'll get a really cool styrofoam box
. I would also ask that the person/people testing it have done at least a few hatches before with an incubator so that we have something to compare to. Thanks again!

That sounds very intriguing. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I currently have a forced air LG with auto turner as my incubator and am on hatch #3 with it. Prior to this I had a homemade one using a light bulb and hot water heater thermostat and did two (largely unsuccessful) hatches. I had a hard time keeping a good temp and hatched 1 out of 3 the first time then 2 out of 6 the second.
I wouldnt mind testing it....I have RIR's I'd like to use for incubation...also some Black Cochin eggs.. I currently use an LG. My husband sounds alot like you but he doesn't have time to build one...also he figures if my LG works its good enough...lol. My hatch rate compared to how many viable eggs I have at lockdown is less than impressive so......Let me know...

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