22 and 32 week old hens and no eggs? Roosters mounting non laying hen?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by winteree, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Well where to start i guess i start with the big one first my oldest hen is 32 weeks old not to mention she is still not laying but one of my roosters keeps mounting her regardless what is going on? I do let my flock free range but only later in the day after i get home from school (4-6pm ish) and i haven't found any eggs in the coop or next boxes why would my rooster mount a hen that isn't laying?

    The rest of my flock is between 20 and 22 weeks old their combs and waddles turned a bright red almost a month ago and they have been squatting when i pick them up why isn't anyone laying?
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    Some roosters would mount a cinder block if nothing else was available. Be patient - you don't mention breeds, but 20 weeks is a little young for most breeds. Be patient - eggs will arrive.
  3. the 20 week olds i mentioned are leghorns my grams leghorns layed their first eggs at 17-19 weeks. The other 2 full sized ones are new Hampshire's, the 32 week old hen is a black Sumatra, and the rest of the hens are a barnyard mix of bantams.

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