24+ Serama Hatching eggs

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    I have some extra eggs from this week I just dont feel like setting as we are over ran with chicks so heres a chance to get some of our Seramas. We have A B and C sized birds with one a size D but he is way too type to not use.

    So far I have:

    29 eggs

    I will add what I get today.

    Payment is due within 1hr of end of auction so I can get these packed up and out tomorrow (6/25).

    As with all shipped eggs I can not guarantee shipped hatching eggs due to P.O. handling and individual incubation practices.

    Pens Inclued:

    Bubbles & Oyster - White Based Crele Rooster over a Black Hen
    Red - Black Tailed Red Rooster over Birchen Hen
    Frizz - Silkied Rooster Over Black with golden hackles Hen
    Barred - Barred and White Roosters over Barred Hens
    O/S Serama - Silver Duckwing and Chocolate Laced (?) Roosters over Wheaton, Dirty Silver Laced, and Black hens

    Bubbles (unshown)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Neillo (has won Champion Cockerel and Res. Champion of Show)


    Count Chocula (has placed 3rd)


    Red (unshown thus far)


    Frizz (has won Champion Silkied Serama)

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