24 weeks old and still no eggs??

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  1. I have a 24 week old flock of different breeds. 2 SLW, 1 Australorp, 1 EE, 2 Brahma, 1 Silkie Mix, all pullets, 1 Mixed Roo, 1 Ameraucana Roo. Not one hen is laying yet. They free range, coop at night, and are on SS Layer and Breeder. I thought they were possibly laying in the bushes, so locked them in the coop for 3 days, and still not one egg. Any ideas, or is this normal? My RIR's started laying at 18 wks, but are from a different flock.
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    Are they squatting, have red combs? Any signs of laying? Are you certain of their sex and age?
  3. The Australorp, 1 of the Brahmas, and 1 SLW all have blood red combs and waddles, and have for 2-3 weeks now. I have heard the Australorp "singing", but with no results. Not sure I know what you mean about the squatting? I'm positive about the age.
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    Well hopefully soon then if they're practicing. My neighbor has Australorps and the didn't start laying till over 6 months old...
  5. Ugh!!! Of all of my chickens, that flock eats the most, by far. They better start earning their keep soon, LOL! I keep saying it'll be worth the wait, but the wait just keeps getting longer and longer.

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