24HOUR AUCTION! 12+ BBS Orps - part English, BEAUTIFUL birds!


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
After a laying hiatus (due to molting & the pullets not laying yet), the ladies are laying again in force. I have BEAUTIFUL birds from Garry Farm, Bethel Farm and the Loft at Holly Lane. Blue and black gentlemen are servicing blue, black and splash hens.

These eggs will go for $36/dozen in the spring. Here's your chance to get a great deal!

I'm trying the 24HOUR AUCTION format, beginning at $18 for a dozen + eggs (you will get a total of 16 eggs). Bidding increments are $1 and should be posted in response to this classified. The highest bidder's shipment will be mailed via USPS Priority Mail on Wednesday, 14 November. The second highest bidder will be offered a "second-chance offer" at the highest bid rate for a shipment to be mailed on Saturday, 17 November.

Shipping is $12, in additional to the final bid cost. Payment is expected via PayPal.

This auction will END at 1900 EST (7PM) on Tuesday, 13 November. Payment is expected within 3 hours to ensure that your shipment will be packed up in time to be mailed on Wednesday.

These eggs hatch well at home and after being shipped.

I'm including a link to my old classified; I'm working on updating the pics, but my pens are still recovering from the recent storms that rolled up the east coast, so they're not ready for show yet :)


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This is still listed as an open auction on BYC.....are you doing another 24 hr. auction or not? Thanks!

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