26 Layers, not a single egg in two weeks

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    Aug 4, 2010
    We've had chickens for a few years but this is our first winter with Aurucanas. Not a single egg in almost two weeks. They've been laying great all summer. What the heck??? Nothing has changed, same food, water, etc. There are 26 layers and 2 roosters (and 3 chicks so they were laying, lol.)

    We just got a timer for a light in the coop, turning it on at 4am, off at 7 when the sun is up. Should I put a light outside so they can see to walk around? Their food and water is outside so I guess so... argh.

    I did not want to do the light thing... I like them having a "natural" life as much as possible. But I'm worried that they'll get bound or sick from not laying. Is that possible?

    What else should I be doing? Thank you in advance for the help!
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    Not likely. Most likely it's just their genetics, to take a period of time off from laying. Two weeks this time of year is not very long at all.
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