28 Days are up, one duckling still in its shell. Help now or wait it out?


8 Years
Apr 1, 2014
Hello! Twenty-eight days ago I set seven duck eggs in a Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator. One hatched early in the morning on day twenty-seven, then two more later in the afternoon on day twenty-seven, and two more hatched late this morning on day twenty-eight. One died in the egg before any pipping. Now the timer is up on twenty-eight days and one egg is remaining. It has been externally pipped on the wrong end of the shell for more than twenty-four hours. I can see the bill and it is breathing fairly comfortably. I'm curious if anyone has any opinion on whether I should help it out now or give it some more time. There has been about a twenty-eight hour range between the first to hatch and the last so far. One of the other eggs was also pipped on the skinny end and that one made it out just fine in the last group today. Maybe this one just needs a little more time? If it can breath is there any reason not to give it another twelve to twenty-four hours? It's been in there for a month so I'm curious to hear if any anyone thinks waiting another day would be an issue.
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Here are the first five!

It hatched this morning, a day late and looking a little rough. Five hours later it is looking a lot better. Hopefully it ends up being just fine.

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