2chics & 2ducklings together in a box

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  1. This is my very first articles in byc..Let me introduce myself.. Vicky Grant, lives outside city limit, off the county road of Lafayett,IN. I raised chickens for eggs and pet.

    Last weekend I decided to add 2 isa brown pullets in my chicken house. In March 2011, I decided to raise 5 laying eggs and 1 rooster-Rhode Island Red. My husband and I decided to name them. (2) whites looks like twin so we named them Kate & Ashley lay egg white (2) black & white.Barred Rock-Georgia and Gracie; Brown eggs (1) brown called her Brownie lay brown eggs. (1) tooster that crow constantly any time of the day. even crow for no reasons, 9 oclock pm. as soon he hears me talking..His name Butterscotch..my buddy......
    My 2 ducks loves to be around the 2 chicks if I happen to separate them, the ducks get upset and scream,then I put 2 chicks and they are happy. They got to be buddies!!!

    Another week passed by I talked my hubby to have a couple of ducks, so we went to Rural King in Kokomo,IN. My sister went with us and she decided to buy some for her addition to her flocks. She already have 4 turkeys,6 ducklings browns.2sets of chicks 2wks apart.12 totals.And add 2 more white ducks .
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    Sounds like chicken math happening to me! .....LOL

    And [​IMG]

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