2nd Hello from Cave City


Mar 3, 2018
Cave City, KY

My roommate and I just started our first Back Yard Flock today. We both have wanted to have chickens for a while now and finally were able to do it.

I have had some experience with taking care of chickens when I was in my late teens. (I'm 47 now.) My father had a small flock (15 hens 1 rooster) that I helped with. This will be my first endeavor "unsupervised".

We have 5 ladies in our flock. Four of them are 5 months old and one is 6months old.

Chk 1.jpg

The Golden Comet is Haley, the Easter Egger is Esther (she's the 6 mo), the Silver Laced Wyandotte is Lacey, the Buff Orpington is Goldie, & the Rhode Island Red is Henrietta.

We purchased them from the same farm and they were all raised together so hopefully we won't have too many squabbles. They settled right in and were even letting us pet them within 5 minutes of being turned loose in the coop. I have also discovered that they seem to enjoy classical music. I had my phone playing Pandora when I went out to check on them. They just relaxed and settled in drowsily. It was too cute.

We have 4 dogs, 3 inside and 1 outside. Sam, the outside dog looked at them and decided they were no big deal and went on about his business. Freya, Charlie and Molly were all WAY too excited about them and will definitely have to be kept away from the girls.

I was happy to find this website when we were doing research on what breeds to get. I look forward to getting to know many of you here and learning all I can about caring for our girls.

I can't tell you how excited I am about having these girls and can't wait until they start laying.
Hey there. Is that Cave City associated with Mammoth Cave? If it is, Hiya Neighbor! Are you keeping for pets, egg production or breeding? Since you have named them all, I figure not meaties lol. Good to have ya here.
Hi Neighbor! We are indeed the Mammoth Cave Cave City. We got the girls for pets and eggs both. I cook and bake quite a bit so having a relatively steady supply of eggs is a wonderful thing. But we also just like chickens and when we researched breeds we chose the ones that were listed as docile and people friendly.
I'm in Scottsville lol. If you are looking for good year round laying, try a Black Australorp. Hens are fairly friendly, they are good foragers, occasionally go broody, are pretty steady layers even in short days, and they don't burn out so will lay for 3+ years.
Next year I'm going to cross a Black Australorp to a Barred Rock, get sex linked heavy layers. Eventually try for a heavy layer easter egger with camo eggs!
There is so much to learn but this is a good place for doing that!

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