2nd Molt in Hen in 5 months & Stopped Laying

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    My 2.5 yr/old PR hen that molted in January/February (and then had to have crop surgery for other reasons) went back to laying within 2 weeks and seemed normal; now she has stopped laying for about 2 weeks and is beginning to molt again. It's been horrendously hot here in FL, so I figured she and the other PR stopped laying just due to heat stress, but I didn't expect her feathers to come out again! She's not nakedÂ… yet. I've dusted the coops/perches, gave Wazine17 to all birds 2 weeks ago, and previously gave Durmycin to all a few weeks previously, so I think they're all clear as far as mites, lice, worms, infections, etc. These 2 PR's are in a coop adjacent to the other with the younger pullets in it, about 10 feet away, but with no contact. The only thing I haven't been able to keep out of that one coop are some teenage rats that keep slipping in- I find their droppings in the waterer [​IMG] when I change it daily.
    BTW, both hens have kind of squishy bottoms, which I thought might be partly due to me giving them half a handful of scratch there daily for a few months + some BOSS, but I stopped the scratch recently (which they're still not happy about)- I didn't think TWO hens would get eggbound simultaneously, but then I've never checked for thatÂ… at least not with any experience.

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