2yr old hen stopped using nest box

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    May 7, 2009
    My oldest hen has for the last 3 days layed eggs in spots other than her favorite nest box. One I found in the coop on the floor in the center of the coop. It was crushed, and seems like the deep litter soaked up the mess? Then I found one outside in the run, just in the middle of the yard. When I went to work this morning neither of the hens who are laying had laid yet. When I got home there was an egg outside in the yard again.
    Millie has never laid any where but in her favorite nest box. She has 4 other nest boxes she could use, and she is the dominate hen. Maude seems to follow her and lets her boss her around. Maude also normally lays later in the day than Millie, so the favorite nest box ( they both use the same one) should be empty when Millie, a normally morning layer would lay. Also Maude still uses the nest box.
    The nest box isn't dirty or any thing so I am at a loss about what is going on? She has allways used the nest box before this. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Have you tried putting fake eggs in the boxes to remind her where to lay? Your local crafts store should sell wooden eggs for cheap, or leftover plastic easter eggs filled with sand should do the trick!

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