2yr. old RIR hen is skinny


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Aug 21, 2008
Land of OZ
I have noticed in the last week that she has been keeping to herself lately. She is almost 2yrs old. I have seen her eating and drinking. Her comb and wattles are still red. I can feel her breast bones and there is not much meat there. I'm not sure if she is laying as I have 20+ other chickens that are doing and look great compared to her. They free range alot and are fed with Purina Flock raiser. I have done the natural de-wormer with garlic, pumpkin seeds, red pepper. Her feathers don't look the best. Meaning an unkept look. Maybe she is molting? Her vent looks fine to me. What else should I look for? She has always been on the small framed side compared to my other chickens that I have. I am going to isolate her today just in case. I hope I covered everything.
I do have to get off the internet but will check around lunch time if there are any suggestions. Thanks!
If you desire to worm her then I would suggest using a Wormer. Nothing in the world wrong with using natural products along the way to help out, but I would not personally rely on these items to do the job.

With that said, there could be any number of reasons for her condition that may or may not include worms. If you want to try and save her instead of culling her then I'd start with isolation so that you know exactly how much food she is really eating; then you can make a more educated guess as to the next step. saladin
Just her and I were alone for a bit. I gave her some scratch to see if she would eat. She had a few morsels but then did not eat anymore. I have seen her drink. I don't see any mites on her either. I just got a feeling this may be out of my hands. There could be more wrong with her (internally). I'm checking for poo but nothing looks abnormal. I'll know within a day or two if she is laying eggs or not.

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