3 1/2 week feathers


11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
I wanted to ask if these feathers look normal to you? Not curvy like? Thanks.




My computer was messed up, but now it's showing the pics okay.

No, I think they look like your frizzles to me. Is that what you're after? The feathers would be much smoother and flatter if they were normal.
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Mrs.Puff :

The pics don't show much. Can you post a smaller pic of the whole chick? We need to be able to see the wings mainly.

Ok I will try, thank you.​
I'm still new but. They look like mine did a week or so ago. Except mine are black. LOL they straighten out with age.(days-weeks). Mine look so terrible right now LOL they look like a science experiment! LOL A few are almost coverd now thank god! They are almost 5 weeks old. A lil bit more and they are moving out side. I have 1 that loves to jump in my hand and sleep! I would love to keep her inside. but my 2 cats are really big and REALLY mean! Maybe when she gets older and grows up. They might not bother a giant. LOL

Good Luck and God Bless1
It's hard to tell......the wing feathers looked alright. Are they cochins? Cochins are heavily feathered, so that might be fine. When they're babies like this, sometimes they look a little messy during that "half feather, half fuzz" period. They sure are cute!
I do think its a messy stage like you said, yes they are Cochin and maybe white just looks more weird coming out haha thank you
They don't look frizzled to me. My sizzles look much more frizzled than that as chicks. They look smooth feathered. Give them another week... you'll see for sure then.

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