3+2+4+5+a duck=my first lesson in chicken math!


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May 7, 2011
Bealeton, VA
So i think i just had my first lesson in this whole chiken math thing! I started out with no chickens less than two weeks ago...hatched 3, than a few days later 2 more....then my mom got me 4 more from a friend of hers and i thought i was done. Well........today she took me over to said friends and i came home with five more chicks and the cutest little duck ever. And that is how i went from no chickens less than 2 weeks ago to 14 chickens and a duck today!

The duck

The first three

The four my mom brought me(the 2 in the back where from the ones had hatched already)

I don't have pictures of the five i got today yet! Anyhow! There you have it.....my chicken math.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

Don't ya just love Chicken Math!

Love the duckling by the way!

~ Aspen

I do im so happy to be a chicken mama! And thanks.....i kinda wanted a duck but when i saw them i just fell in love!​
Ok here are some pictures of all the babies!

This one i just thought was funny cuz im getting the stink eye.lol


And this is all of the babies.....they are all there.....can't see all of them though cuz they where climbing on top of each other.lol

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