3 broodies in one nest. Is this normal?

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    I have three hens who are sharing a clutch of eggs. Two to three are always on the nest. They seem to be taking turns at sitting. There were about 5 eggs in the clutch but I haven't been able to get under them to count how many there are now. No one is fighting, they are just all sitting together and covering the nest. Will there be trouble ahead?
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    Its a chicken kibutz
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    First, for general information, I suggest you read this thread. I think it will help you. Especially pay attention to marking the eggs and checking daily if you do not isolate.

    Isolate a Broody? Thread

    I personally am not in favor of multiple broodies. I have not had experience with them so I am only repeating what I have seen posted on here. Some people have reported success with multiple broodies, but many also have reported serious problems.

    Sometimes one broody will kill the chicks as they hatch. I don't know why. Maybe she thinks the chicks belong to another hen and are somehow a threat to her unhatched babies. I have seen several reports of this, sometimes when they are in different nests and sometimes when they are sharing. Another threat is that, after the hatch, one hen decides that she alone is capable of raising the chicks and will try to keep all the chicks for herself, even if they are hatched by different hens several days apart. Sometimes the chicks get injured or killed as innocent bystanders during the fight.

    As I mentioned, some people report success with multiple broodies. I cannot tell you what will happen with yours, just that I would not risk it. The decision is yours. Good luck!

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