3 chick choices- which one? My head is going to explode.

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    Feb 7, 2015
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    I am going to begin showing chickens in the 4H poultry category,

    I am in a beyond confusing situation.
    The feed store has 3 different breeds of chicks (all sexed female)-
    *Buff Wyandottes
    *Americana's (not sure how to spell that- have seen different varities)
    *Rhode Island Reds.

    My plan was to go and bring home 3 of the Wyandottes, all female.

    The more I read on them, the more concerned I become.

    I have read NUMEROUS experiences where Wyandottes are agressive, unfriendly, and mean.
    I have also read that they are very nice.

    I have read that some RIR turn out to have bad attitudes, but are not meant to be shown in 4H because they are purley production chickens.

    I have not been able to find hardly anything on Americana's besides tons of variety of spelling the breeds name.

    I would like a friendly chicken that would be well suited for me to show in 4H. I would be beyond happy to have any of these, but the things I have read are concerning.

    If you could all give me your personal experiences with these breeds, and opinions on what I should take home, and what would best suit what I would like, that would be amazing.

    I already have a place for them with a heating lamp, shavings covered with papertowles, feeders with non GMO food, and a tad of diatomaceous earth set up, as well as water.
    I have a hen house for them to move into when they are old enough.
    I just CANNOT decide which birds to pick.
    All Americana?
    All Buff Wyandottes?
    Two of each?

    (Hoping I have chosen the right form- as I will be showing and hopefully eventually breeding the chickens)
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    The Ameracaunas in the feed store are almost certainly not showable because they don't match the approved colors in the SOP (Standard of Perfection). The other 2 are much more likely be showable. I would recommend trying to contact local breeders of show quality chickens and see what they have for sale. Be sure to mention that you are in 4-H, many of us got a start in poultry via 4-H and have a special desire to promote that. I know I'd give a huge discount to a 4-H'er. I'm not saying everyone would, but I'd start the conversation with that so they know what you are looking for.

    Have you considered bantams? You can keep more in the same size area and still get decent eggs to eat.

    Best of luck with your new hobby!!

    PS - try posting in your state thread under the social forums, finding a local breeder can be really helpful, both to get stock and advice.
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    If you want to show large fowl, surf on over to the BYC Heritage Large Fowl thread. Many show quality breeders there. Esp. in Rhode Island Reds. Top breeders with high quality strains. The purpose of that thread is to help people find high quality are fowl to get started with. Here's the URL.
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/849075/heritage-large-fowl-phase-ii/6950 Tell them I sent you. They are wonderful people, very knowledgeable and helpful! Looking forward to seeing you there!
    Best Success,
  4. donrae

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    Go with the Wyandottes. The "americauna" are really Easter eggers. They're not to any breed standard.

    Hatchery Rhode Island Reds are usually production reds, more often than not.

    I don't know where the "Wyandottes are mean" came from, mine have been sweethearts, middle of the flock kind of ladies. I think when you have someone saying a specific breed has a bad temperament, you need to look first at how many birds that person has had, and second how much space they're giving them. Someone with two Wyandottes and two Polish in a babydoll coop that should really only house two birds....yeah, those Wyandottes are probably going to come out on top. But overall, I think you'll be happiest with them for your 4-H project. Be sure you pick chicks with yellow legs and rose combs--some Wyandottes crop up with straight combs, but that's a disqualification for showing.
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    Dec 26, 2012
    I agree, if you cannot get any from a breeder and must have hatchery chicks from the feed store, then go for Wynadotte and be sure to check the combs, that's probably your best bet.
    Do you have a standard of perfection? If not, you should definitely get one. Or you could try the library in Bandon or north bend,I think one of them used to have a copy.

    Also I recommend joining the APA

    Or ABA if you ever get into bantams. www.bantamclub.com

    They are totally worth the money, especially the ABA.

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