3 chickens 10 weeks old - worried they are roosters help please!


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Jul 21, 2013
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My Coop
Background - our neighbor has 3 hens and a rooster. She bred these for us... my worry is that if we have a rooster(s) they'll fight with hers as hers use our yard and theirs to wander... I have a feeling that one of the white ones is def a rooster but I'm hoping the other two are not. They were bred from a RI rooster and an off white hen thus the different colors. I numbered them to make it easier! Thanks!

That was my worry too... the tail feathers on #3 have me thinking boy ...i was hoping i would get lucky and #2 would be a girl :/
Do you know what the hens are that your neighbor has? It may just be chance that you wound up with what looks like two mostly white roosters and a reddish pullet, but those roosters? look barred so I'd wonder if your neighbor is accidentally breeding red sex links using Delaware hens and the RIR rooster... if that is what he has, pick the reddish chicks and hopefully they will be girls.

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