3 Chicks born on Day 26..


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Apr 3, 2012
Ontario, Canada
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My Coop
My chicks decided to make a late hatch.. which luckily resulted in 15 healthy chicks

We had 3 that came last that we had to help out of their shells, two look active but their toes are curved inwards (like pigeon toed) would it be best to tape them flat to help straighten them.. will this work?
The last has a bent neck. I believe from being in the egg for so long :( Not sure what will happen to it, for now hanging out in the brooder box with the other two patients...

We realized in the end that our thermometer was probably off for the whole hatch with resulted in the late hatch! Next time we will be much more careful!
I had a little chick hatched with one foot so crooked it couldn't stand at all. I thought I was going to have to put it down but, I did a search on "treating crooked toes" on the site. I followed directions and made little cardboard booties with band-aid tape to hold toes in correct position. My DH thought I was trying in vain but, in less than 24 hrs it was standing and feet looked perfect. It is 5 days old and in with 3 wk old chicks and doing great! It doesn't know it's 1/4 of the size of big chicks LOL it's trying to run and flap it's wings to fly already.

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