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Aug 6, 2020
I have been reading some of the older threads on here regarding ducklings but still need advice. My hubby works at the local college and brought home a baby duckling (2-3 days old) yesterday because all the others were eaten by the fish in the pond. I went to the local feed store but not much help. I managed to get another duckling as a snuggling pal, buddy. I have them both in a metal washtub with pine shavings, wet crumbles, and a pan of water.
I have them in my laundry room which stays about 85 degrees so they said I did to need a heat lamp.
My lil guy doesn't seem as chipper as it was yesterday, should I be doing something else?

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Mar 18, 2014
:welcome make sure they have plenty of water since they get very thirsty. What kind of setup do you have? From what I've been told, they make a lot of noise when they're noisy but with a friend they can be quieter with peeps here and there so good thing you got a friend! I have 2 that are 4.5 weeks old and they're much chattier now than they were at a week... unless you think it may be ill??
Hi there and welcome !

If there isn't any niacin in the feed, its worth putting some in the food or getting a liquid b complex and putting it in the water.

Have you seen the little one eat and poop ? If so, whats their poop looking like.

You might add some honey to their water as a little pick me up.

It is important at that stage that they stay warm - if they've had a tought time, they may find it harder to keep warm. When you pick them up, how do they feel temp wise - and do they make out you are trying to kill them ?

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Jul 19, 2016
Welcome to BYC.

Could you post a picture/video of the duckling?

Depending on the breed, some ducks require different living conditions to properly thrive. If it is indeed a wild one, it may be best to take her to your nearest wildlife rehabber.

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