3 day old silky with curled feet- sick or just deformed?


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May 15, 2016
Hello. My silky hatched 5 chicks, one was 2 days late and hatched with curly feet. See photo. It has had labored breathing since it hatched. Could it be sick or just in pain, thirsty, hungry and stressed? We are giving it water with a dropper but it hasn't eaten. Tonight we are going to tape its feet but now I fear it may have been born with a disease and get the flock sick. Thoughts?
Birth defect. You should be able to fix it quickly if you start asap.


Have you offered egg? Might want to mix up some raw egg with the water and a bit of sugar, that would provide more energy. Chick may have a serious problem but it is worth a try.

I would not worry about disease. The chick may be ill because it could not hatch on time and suffered in the shell for 2 days. Regardless if it caught something it was from the mother and other birds so contagion wouldn't be a concern IMO.
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