3 different roos in a run

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  1. I plan on breeding 3 different types of chickens. Barred Rocks, Brown Leghorns, and Rhode Island Reds. Now the question is if i put all of these roos together, already are but still chicks, will i have to worry about them killing or seriously hurting each other? Or am I going to have to separate them so that I can keep everyone in order?[​IMG]
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    I have about 11 roosters in one pen, with hens, added at different times and I've never had a problem, and they are easy on the girls too. But if you plan on breeding these different breeds and having pure breds you will have to seperate them anyway.
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    [​IMG] 11 roo's in 1 pen with no fighting, that's a miracle but I guess anything is possible. [​IMG] PEACE
  4. thank you. i am only going to breed early spring late winter for a little while for people that i know and myself. the rest will just be for egg production.

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